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Our team of bike fanatics has over fifty years of combined experience in the cycling and design world, so we like to think we have become pretty good
at designing bicycles that are going to last a lifetime and that will allow you to discover more and more the pleasures of a bike ride!

We have been building over 5000 bespoke bikes since 2007 which gave us the chance to test many different components and designs,
so you can rest assured that we will always offer you reliable parts from established brands and set-ups designed for tough everyday use and comfort.

Moreover it is very important to us to offer the same level of service and customer care that we would expect from another bike brand,
so we pride ourselves of excellent customer service, and we will always do our best to ensure you are happy about riding a Foffa!

We are very aware that occasionally things go wrong with bikes (and everyone that tells you the contrary is lying!) so you can rest assured
that if anything happens we will be here to help you get back on your bike as quickly as possible!


Here are some testimonials from a few of our customers:

Thank you guys for the excellent service and amazing bike. It is hard to find brands
that have such dedication for what they do and listen to their customers so much.
Foffa bikes have a great selection of very affordable dream machines
and I will surely be recommending them to all my friends. Best of luck with your enterprise.

Steve Martin


“Splendid, practical & charming urban bike. If you don’t have something like it in your fleet, you’re missing out.”

John Stevenson, Tech Editor 


“I bought a bike from Foffa last summer. The service throughout the purchase process was excellent,
all the guys were really friendly and helpful. Also the contact I have had with the guys
via email or Twitter has been very efficient. My Foffa bike has probably been my
best ever buy and the service & assistance from the team at Foffa has been part of that. Thanks guys!”

Kerena Fussell


“Stylish and versatile, great hub gear and very strong value. If you love the aesthetics
and functional simplicity of a singlespeed bike but you just can’t live without gears,
then you will love the new Urban from Foffa”

Joe Brandson, BikeRadar Tech Editor


“9/10 – great looking, sweet riding and outstanding value for money”

James Wilkins, Urban Cyclist magazine editor


“I’ve had my Foffa for a month and the bike has been great. I do about 130km a week and
there is nothing i can pick on. It rides great, it’s very quick to accelerate and
very responsive, it feels solid, it looks awesome, great value.”

Adam Preacher


“Highly recommended: Go here if you want extremely high service level and excellent prices.
It was just luck that I found this shop, but I am very happy that I have. The owners
are very friendly and helpful, and left me very satisfied. To me this beats a shop like cycle surgery
in every way. Cheers!”

Mark Saffer


“I have been searching for a solid bike to ride around the city for some time now
and I wasn’t sure what to expect from a £350 bike, but when I received my Foffa
a month ago I was pleasantly surprised.
The bike handles very well, it is sturdy and light at the same time and the components
are better than what I was expecting from an entry-level bike.
If you are looking for a good ride that looks great at a very decent price then
in my opinion this is the best bike in the market at the moment.”

Paul Turner


“After two years looking for a special bike I found in Foffa Bikes the design I was searching.
What a fine type of bikes and what a professional and passionate team! I ordered my bike
a few weeks ago from Spain.
As the shipment hadn’t arrived as expected, I contacted Dani to ask for my bike and…
It had been lost by the postal service! Quickly, a new bike was built for me and posted again.
In ten days, I got my new bike. The bike’s look is excellent, to ride it simply a ten.
Thanks to Dani and his crew for their accurate work and helpful service.
My congratulations for this lovely brand!”

Nacho Taberner


“My refurbished bike got stolen a couple of months ago, so I took this opportunity
to upgrade to the right single speed bike and after comparing many brands
am really happy I went for a Foffa. I have followed them for a few years now
and I couldn’t believe they managed to produce such bike and this price.
I have been riding it for a month now and it is such a joy to ride.
Very comfortable and responsive, high specced components
(good braking power and really pleased with the picture protection tyres
which I struggled to find in any other bike at this price point) and I was expecting it
to be considerably heavier. A very happy customer.”

Massimo Petracca


“Got myself a Foffa Prima (our first Single Speed model) a week ago
and I couldn’t be happier about it. Probably the best purchase
I’ve made this year by far. Not to mention the quality of the bike
is first rate. In addition, Dani and his crew were extremely friendly and helpful.
Overall, it was a very pleasant experience!;)”

Xin Li


“Knowledgeable staff gave were really helpful in dealing with the cycle scheme
under which my bike was purchased, aftercare on some minor settling issues
was fantastic, and the Grazia (our first ladies model) is a dream as well as being 100% unique.
Would wholeheartedly recommend Foffa as a British brand with style to go with substance.”

Chloe Martin-Brown


“How else to move at speed in style”

Tilly MacCalister, Vogue editor


“Ordered a Foffa bike after visiting the store to work through the options for my budget.
Collected it yesterday and it looks beautiful, and rides even better.
What’s more, the staff have been friendly and communicative to a fault. Perfect score”

Maximilian Eves-van den Akker


“Does exactly what it should. Simple, fast, responsive, easy and looks great. It’s just perfect for the money.”

Peter Wilkinson


“The smoothest, fastest, lightest, most agile, not to mention prettiest ride I’ve ever ridden”

Alex Crawford, London Cyclist Campaign editor


“My favorite bike brand in London. Not only did Dani get my ride looking sweet,
but I ended up buying one (the Grazia) for the Mrs. Thoroughly recommend.”

John Sadeghipoor


“if you want to buy a single speed that is value for money i would recommend the
Foffa Single Speed to you. It rides excellent, very fast and really light.
“This was bought as a birthday gift back in February for my son and after seeing him anxious to
ride his bike whenever possible I decided to buy a bike for myself and join him at the weekends.
Being on the heavier side, I went for an SE lager 2013 which costs about the same price as
the Foffa Single Speed and the bike looked really stunning. But it all dawned on me when me
and my son decided to ride along river Lea. I just couldn’t keep up with his speed although
being more powerful and generally in good health 🙂
So short story long this is one of those rare internet purchases that you have no doubt about it.”

Emma White


“I have had my Foffa Single Speed for about a month and have been greatly enjoying it
as a hassle-free, London commuter bike. Set on the free wheel, it’s a smooth, robust ride
and the clean and simple design looks cool.
For the price, I would definitely recommend this bicycle.”

Jon Sutton


“The Foffa Single Speed looks great, feels solid but light and responds immediately.
The beauty of it is that it so simple, it is people say about fixies intuitive, every thing
is exactly what meets the eye and performs just as well as it looks. It makes
cycling a joy and not just another exertion.”

Simone Palatresi


“I bought this bike as was fed up using my Road Bike to commute. The cost of maintenance
of the gears etc was becoming prohibitive. I needed a good value single speed bike
that would take London’s pot holes etc.
This bike does what it says on the tin. It’s as strong as an Ox, very reliable and looks really nice.
Parts are decent for the price. Gear ratio (46:16) is ideal for a fairly hilly commute into town.

James Enfield


“It is clear a lot of thought has gone into the components to provide
strong performance without breaking the bank”

Andreas Kambanis, London Cyclist blog owner


“I got my dream bike at Foffa last week and the service was amazing.
Dani and his crew have been extremely friendly and helpful. It has been
the best experience I’ve had since coming to London. I recommend this bike brand
to everyone who stops to admire my bike.”

Philip Howick


“My Foffa bike has taken me back and forth to work for almost a year now
and it really is an excellent ride. Dani and Co have been great with after service and advice.”

Mark Lyttelton


“The are the prettiest bikes in London and they are also super light,
low maintenance and a breeze to ride”

Jasmin Gardner, Evening Standard editor


“Highly recommended. Thanks to Dani and the team for building a top bike –
it’s nice to find a company so passionate and knowledgable about what they do.”

Edward Turner