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With the recent big changes to our company, the time came also to get our website completely redesigned, which means unfortunately we had to start our blog from scratch and delete all the posts that went on the previous blog.

So we thought we would write a post to summarise the main points that occurred since our humble beginnings many years ago, so that some of you know what we have been up to!



So how did all of this start?

It started in 2007 from my tidy bedroom while I was still working as a Business Analyst in the City of London (although I have a degree in design and computing), a job that didn’t particularly excite me but was paying the bills.

Maybe because I was born in Italy I always had a passion for ‘pretty’ things and cycling, so I started buying second hand vintage bikes on Ebay, refurbish them and re-sell them online as a hobby and I couldn’t have imagined back then that one day I would have had my surname on a bicycle.

The demand was growing so I teamed up with a bike builder who was converting single speed bikes outside of London and for over year I would have my bedroom and balcony (and on many occasions toilet, corridor and kitchen) packed with bikes.

Dani Foffa in his bedroom

Dani Foffa in his bedroom

Soon enough I got so busy that I had to make a decision between keeping my full-time job or quitting it to give this passion a serious try.

It didn’t take me much thinking to take a chance and decide to leave the job. I should probably add my dad wasn’t too happy about it..

Things kept picking up from home and at the same time that I was considering opening up a showroom, I met photographer Tyson Sadlo who had walked into my cramped space to get himself one of my bikes to get fit.

We hit it off straight away and soon became business partners with a passion for customer service, stylish and minimal bikes and opened in October 2009 our first shop in Unit 11 Pinchin Street (next to where Jack the Ripper used to hide his corpses:) along with a few passionate cycling friends.

The first Foffa bike shop in 2009

The first Foffa bike shop in 2009

Through the bitter cold of winter with no heating and sleepless nights, we developed the style of the brand and began to fit-out our workshop. I must admit without the help of so many friends and family it would have taken forever! A big thank you to our good friends (in chronological order) Super Nario, Simon Reynolds, Massi, Egle, Davide, Stefano, Mareka, Kristyna, ‘Spaceman’ Andy, Jay, Karl, Terry, Andy Junior, and many others without which we wouldn’t be where we are today.

In March 2010 we rolled out our first 300 New Foffa Prima along side the existing Vintage range.

First container arrival

First container arrival


As demand was growing we had to move to a bigger warehouse in July 2011 right next door from our previous railway arch.

Foffa bike shop in 2012

The new Foffa bike shop in Unit 9 Pinchin street


For many years we built bespoke bikes which could be customised through our online bike builder and we kept asking the bike community for feedback to find out which were the best components and designs most people liked.

Over the years we improved our single speed ‘Prima’ range (starting RRP £565).

Foffa Prima 2012

This Prima custom build would have retailed at £695


We introduced a multi-purpose geared range built around a classic lugged Columbus frame set (starting RRP £895).

Gears bike 2012

This Gears model with a full Tiagra group set would have retailed at £985.


Our conceptual Ciao range designed to be the ultimate commuter bike with a track compact geometry adapted to allow for an upright riding posture which made it a very comfortable bike to ride around the city (starting RRP £595).

Foffa Ciao Bike

This Foffa Ciao would have retailed at £695.


And let’s not forget the ladies with our ‘Grazia’ range which was designed to be one of the lightest women bikes around (starting RRP £565).

Foffa Grazia 2012

This Grazia with Brooks saddle and grips would have retailed £645


We even came up with a range of designer stickers for the ultimate frame customisation and below are a few of our favourite examples!

Foffa Herbie

We are such big fans of Herbie that we had to design a Foffa Herbie bike!

Foffa Dazzle Bike

That’s the Dazzle bike designed by Chris Hutton, winner of the JWT / Foffa competition

Foffa Daisy Lee

That’s another bike designed as part of the Foffa / JWT competition by Pier Mattioli

Foffa Paisley bike

That’s the Foffa Paisley bike ridden by one of the Evening Standard editors


In 2013 we decided we wanted to make our bikes even more affordable, and the only way to do this was to get them built in the Far East and shipped in a warehouse outside of London where the overheads were not as expensive. So we closed down our shop and introduced a range of pre-built models based on some of the best selling designs we built in the last few years, and this is where we are today!

Foffa warehouse 2014

This is the Foffa warehouse outside of London.