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National Green Peace Day

Greenpeace bikeGreenpeace was founded on September 15, 1971, when 17 activists set sail on the Phyllis Cormack in hopes of stopping the nuclear testing about to take place off the shores of Alaska. While the testing proceeded, the protest set in motion a movement still growing today. In honour of Greenpeace, Vancouver Mayor, Gregor Robertson proclaimed Greenpeace Day in 2011


#GreenpeaceDay a worthy day we wanted to recognise. The Greenpeace website lists their key principles as

  • protect biodiversity in all its forms
  • prevent pollution and abuse of the earth’s ocean, land, air and fresh water
  • end all nuclear threats
  • promote peace, global disarmament and non-violence


We know it’s a romantic idea but it’s one of the reasons FOFFA was born. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone had access to a simple, good quality bike? Then they wouldn’t have to drive or ride the bus or tube……less traffic on our roads more people getting more out of cycling, wouldn’t that be wonderful?


So we’re embracing today and hope you will stand with us to promote peace and prevent pollution. Leave the car behind today; take some time to research a good safe route and ride to work or the shops or to meet friends. Get on your FOFFA!


Here are some sites to help you plan your route: