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Foffa’s guide to London Street Art

London is currently going through a golden age for street art. The capital is fairly tolerant of artists creating un-commissioned, thought provoking murals on its urban landscape. Gone are the days that any unofficial adorning of walls, bridges and doors would just be classed as graffiti – and let’s face it, looking at a piece of street art is far more interesting than a grey concrete wall. The street art movement owes a lot to Banksy, the mysterious graffiti artist, who came to international notoriety for his satirical and subversive works that pepper London and Bristol. He has brought the medium into the mainstream and made it acceptable.

The street is not just a canvas for Banksy; many other talented artists have also had their artwork recognised for brightening up our capital. The artwork belongs to us all, a gift for us to share from some of the Worlds most talented street artists.

Street art has the power to make something utilitarian and ugly beautiful and interesting, it can also lift the spirit of a neighbourhood or it can make your commute to work that little bit more inspiring.

At FOFFA we love street art for these reasons and more. Here are our favourite works in and around London.

The wise man of Brick Lane

We have dubbed this The wise man of Brick Lane. We’re not sure who the artist is but if you do, tweet us.

Jim Vision Native Americans

Located on Red Church Street in East London this is artist Jim Vision’s depiction of Native Americans, entitled Native Savages.

Jim Vision Star Wars

Another work by Jim Vision, this time he depicts Star Wars Characters in the style of Noriyoshi Ohrai (The man behind the legendary Star Wars posters from the 80’s). Ohrai died in late 2015 and this is Vision’s homage to a man who inspired him. Find it on Pedley Street just of Brick Lane in East London.

Mr Christa Brick Lane

Located on Brick Lane, the national gallery for London’s street art, this mural is by Mr Christa who is a freelance artist and illustrator who is part of the Made You Look Collective.

Invader Ghost from computer

Created by the Banksy of France, Invader, this Ghost from computer game Pacman seems to be eyeing up the Urban.

Floating Bones Mural

Called Floating Bones, this mural was created by artist and Illustrator Frankie Strand. You can find this in Hackney Wick.

Terry Pratchett memorial

The Terry Pratchett memorial on Code Street next to Allen Gardens in East London. This colourful mural by Dr Zadok and Jim Vision depicts Pratchett’s most famous characters from his popular Discworld novels.