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7 Reasons why you should commute by bike

The daily commute is a ritual that everyone loves to hate. With overcrowded trains and gridlocked roads, is it any surprise that most people despise their commute. On the other hand, those who commute by bike are 40 per cent less stressed than those who commute by car. So whether you are commuting to work, university or school here are 7 reasons to ditch the car, bus or train and com-mute by bike.

Reasons why you should commute by bike

1) Commuting is not about being clad in lycra. You can wear it if you like but it is not an essential uniform. In fact, you can wear whatever you want; wear a dress, skinny jeans, shorts, UGGs – you can even be dressed as an elephant!

Reasons why you should commute by bike

2) It’s cheaper to commute by bike. Rail commuters can spend as much as 13 percent of their wages on rail fares while car users can expect to pay around £4,800 on their daily commute a year. When you commute by bike you only have to factor in the cost of the bike and periodic maintenance, which is much less than an annual season ticket or the cost of running a car. It’s defiantly cheaper than commuting by small aircraft!!

Bike by plane

3) A study by Brunel University has found that those who commute by bike are six times healthier than those who travel on public transport or by car. Another study by Kings College London found that if you commute by bike you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. The study also found that “those who did the equivalent of three 45-minute rides every week were ‘biologically younger’ by nine years, even after discounting other influences such as body mass index (BMI) and smoking.” So basically you get to look awesome and stay healthy for longer – maybe it’s time to get rid of the car.

bike by rusted car

4) A morning cycle helps you to increase your focus and nothing blows the cranium’s cobwebs away better than the wind in your hair and a bit of fresh air. You get to enter work or the lec-ture hall with a smug sense of satisfaction that you’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, unlike your colleagues. Plus exercise can be good for a hangover so you won’t look like this.

bike art

5) Cycling is a great way to getting to know people. It’s a social sport, and as time goes on you will get to know the other cyclists in your area and you can spend time comparing your steeds while sharing a pint down the pub or over a game of polo.

bike croquet

6) Cycling by bike is convenient. Your bike does not run on a time table that it never sticks to anyway and it is not subject to delays or breakdowns, and it can function no matter what kind of leaves are in its way.

yellow lines

7) Depending on where you live it can be faster to cycle than to drive or take public transport. This is especially true if you live in London – when you’ve had to let the third tube go by without being able to get on, it’s time to ditch the oyster card and get a bike. Also, your bike does not stop working after midnight and you don’t have to deal with drunkards on the night bus. Drive to work? Ha! That is not even an option in the capital unless you have the time to take three hours to drive ten miles. Plus you can grab a baguette on your way home!

bike baguette